Benefits for which it's good to Generate a corporate animated Movie

There are many reasons why making a corporate animated video is helpful for your business. This is the most direct way to prove your product or service to the public. Creating an attractive video means grabbing the viewer's attention, enhancing the SEO of your page, increasing the number of visits to your site and the time that the visitor spends on it. Above all, however, making a company animated video involves establishing loyalty and informing a future customer in the most energetic and efficient way that exists.

These days, the motives for creating an abysmal production have grown hugely, from the medium and the kinds of distribution, to the point that producing this generation brings more benefits than previously. Based on YouTube statistics, approximately 200 billion videos have been seen worldwide every month, 25 percent of these from a mobile device. These statistics give us a very clear idea of how significant it is for almost any company to have a presence of the one.

What is an video?

It's normally placed on the company's website to provide the consumer an extra value on the products or services they offer.

It allows you to highlight the individuality of your organization at a very clear and simple and impressive way.

They inspire confidence; the fact is that a video allows a much better relationship with the consumer and can be more useful in regards to transmitting emotions, brings great value to your company and humanizes its corporate image.

Help your company to position itself at SEO level in Google and other search engines

Differentiates you from the Competition

Captures focus; a well-designed and produced animated video keeps the audience attentive.

The website becomes more appealing and lively because a movie arouses visitors to produce inquiries, allowing the company to communicate and establish a link with potential clients.

It supplies character; it produces a well-defined brand image before the public. It shows a contemporary and lively method of working.

Enables your company to reach other audiences and expand its market in a fast and effortless way.

Animated corporate movie is a marketing strategy that's available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week throughout the year.

Animated corporate videos are among the quickest ways to convey a company idea. Therefore, since there is little time available in the online environment to draw customers' attention, this can be a significant resource to explain a service or product in a few seconds.

Who invented animations?

The self-taught French artist, engineer and inventor Emile Reynaud (1844-1918) is thought to be the forerunner and pioneer of animation cinema.

Since the 1830s, a number of toys and optical mechanics were manufactured to create the illusion of motion by way of sequences of images passing through different kinds of shutters.

However, Reynaud managed to invent a device in 1877 that eliminated the interruptions in eyesight that occurred when the pictures were changed.

Afterwards he enhanced it he changed the person drawings into sequences of pictures on perforated tapes and created the Optical Theatre, in which the projection was created on a screen.

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